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Before contacting a company about your shock chamber needs you should first determine the maximum size you need and the space available where the chamber will be located.

Determine the voltage you have available in your facility.

  • Thermal Shock Chambers were originally designed to test military products such as semiconductors, circuit boards and integrated circuit’s. They were created to meet requirements of MIL-STD 202F, Method 107G thermal shock testing and MIL-STD 883G, Method 1010 temperature cycling. Electronics are the most common products that are tested under such environmental conditions.

    Thermal shock chambers are now used to test most commercial products to see how they withstand drastic temperature changes. A thermal shock chamber will subject a product to the most extreme temperature conditions, instantly.

    The purpose of testing a product under these circumstances is to observe changes in the products characteristics and check for failure occurrence of different materials and thermal expansion coefficients.

    How does a Thermal Shock Test Chamber Work?thermal_shock_chamber

    A thermal shock chambers makes it possible to transfer a test item from a hot environment to a cold environment or from a cold environment to a hot environment; repeatedly. This process is a true thermal shock test. Thermal shock testing is often confused with thermal cycling. Thermal cycling is when you put a specimen into the chamber and then the temperature is cycled. On the other hand, a true thermal shock chamber can achieve a 265°C temperature variation rapidly, while a thermal cycling chamber can take hours to ramp up or down.

    Types of Thermal Shock Chambers

    There are two main types of thermal shock chambers that are produced by Associated Environmental Systems. There is a holding basket (transport carriage) that allows for easy transfer between zones. It is a pneumatic system that requires a compressed air hook up for operation.

    Two Station Chambers – These chambers provide a upper chamber for a heated environment and a lower chamber for a cold environment.

    Three Station Chambers – These are similar to the two station chamber, but these chambers have a third zone for ambient air temperature. The middle compartment is exposed to room ambient air and is enclosed in expanded metal.


    Specifications of Associated Environmental Systems Thermal Shock Chambers

    Standard Features:

    • Watlow F4 Programmable Controller with RS232 Communications
    • 2″ Traveling Port
    • Stainless Steel Interior
    • Adjustable High/Low Temperature Safety Switch
    • Automatic Transfer Basket
    • Forced Air Circulation
    • Ball Bearing Permanently Lubricated Motors
    • Door Safeties on all Doors
    • Mechanical Refrigeration System
    • Casters

    Available Options:

    • EZTrend Chart Recorder
    • IEEE-488 Computer Interface
    • CO2 System for Fast Recovery
    • LN2 System for Fast Recovery
    • Paper Chart Recorder

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